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      What this offer contains?

      - We will analyze your site

      - We will create critical CSS for 6 different display resolutions

      - We will unify all critical CSS in a one critical CSS

      - We will install this add-on in your community

      What will result from this action?

      - This add-on will remove render-blocking of your CSS

      - The speed of loading your site will increase by more than 10 points

      What time is it necessary to create and install the add-on?

      - Creating and installing an effective critical css will be done for you for about a week.

      - Two days after installing this add-on, we will monitor and control the operation of your site. If issues are found, they will be fixed.

      Price of this offer

      - total value for creating and installing an add-on loading speed up your site - 175 US$

      - included free image optimization

      - included free tips to optimize your other resources

      How to create an order?

      Send a request using a contact form

      Do not forget to include a link to your forum on your request. We will contact you as soon as possible.

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      Модул за дериватно свързване на втори аудио или видео домофон по една абонатна линия.

      Ед, цена - 20.00 лв. без ддс

      Гаранция - 2 години
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    • promo
      Ед. цена - 42.00 лв. без ддс

      Гаранция - 2 години

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