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Render-blocking CSS - removing

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Code in IncludeCSS works perfectly and this code tells the browser - download all those CSS and use them to represent the site. But this code does not tell the browser when and how to use them.

The idea I'm using right now is - I created a new template that I put before closing the tag head. In my experiment, this template looks like this:

{template="preload_css" app="core" location="global" group="analysis" params=""}

In this template I placed this code

{{foreach array_unique( \IPS\Output::i()->cssFiles, SORT_STRING ) as $file}}
<link rel='preload' href='{expression="\IPS\Http\Url::external( $file )->setQueryString( 'v', \IPS\CACHEBUST_KEY )"}' as="style">
{{$customCss = \IPS\Theme::i()->css( 'custom.css', 'core', 'front' );}}
{{foreach $customCss as $css}}
<link rel='preload' href='{expression="\IPS\Http\Url::external( $css )->setQueryString( 'v', \IPS\CACHEBUST_KEY )"}' as="style">

Now, besides a browser command to download all CSS, I send the browser a command - use these CSS as a matter of priority.
And the result of over 100 my tests - no render-blocking CSS ...
There are no side effects or any other bad impact.
I've installed it on this site and it works perfectly.

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